Soul's Desire
Unparalleled Love Series 

NOTE: This story is a part of a three-book, multi-author series   

Some past loves can stand the test of time…

Ballet dancer Soul Carrington has lived her dream of traveling the world. But the past year has been one life hurdle after another until she moves back to Atlanta. Now life is looking up, especially when she comes face to face with a past love. A man who makes her heart dance pirouettes and her body pulse with desire.

Not a day has gone by that police officer Micah Olsen hasn’t longed for his first love. However, their encounter in Atlanta is not accidental. Yet, against his better judgment, he has to let her believe it is, which isn’t easy. All of the emotions he once felt for her return with a vengeance. Their attraction is more powerful than ever, and when hot kisses turn into heated nights, Micah knows he has to come clean. But will it be too late?  

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Soul’s breath stalled in her throat when her gaze clashed with Micah’s. Those whiskey-colored eyes bored into her, piercing her with a need she hadn’t felt in ages, leaving her unable to move or speak. The years had truly been good to him. Micah had always been gorgeous with his smooth, pecan-brown skin. But the man standing only ten feet from her now was mouthwatering fine!

In college he wore his hair in cornrows, which Soul hated, and his face was always clean-shaven. Now he sported a low fade and a little scruff on his face, which she liked. Back then he was athletically built, like a basketball player. Now, his large frame had filled out in all the right places. His white T-shirt hugged his wide chest and broad shoulders, while his biceps bulged beneath the short sleeves.

A magnetic force surged through her body as his appreciative gaze slid over her from head to toe. How could he still have such an effect on her? It had been like forever since they’d seen each other. Yet, every nerve ending within her was standing at attention.

Ugh. If only she’d known he was coming. She would’ve gotten cleaned up instead of letting him see her all grungy and sweaty.

“Hey, beautiful.” His deep voice settled around her, sending tingles swarming over her skin. “You’re even prettier than I remember.”
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